MC & Guy

June 4, 2020

MC wore a custom Cosmobella gown, style Nora.


How did you meet your spouse?

My best friend introduced me to my now-husband, Guy, through the good old days of MSN messenger, when I was 16 and he was 17 years old.

I had a terrible boyfriend at the time (and I mean 2.5 hours late to a date kind of terrible!) which prompted my rather cheeky best friend to hatch a secret plan to introduce Guy, a friend of hers, and I, online. When my then-boyfriend had yet again not called me back, Guy, boldly declared "If I were your boyfriend, I'd call you back" to which I replied, "I'll hold you to that" and immediately broke up with my other boyfriend and began dating Guy.


Tell us about your proposal

Oh lordy. Guy had it all planned out - he was originally planning to propose on top of a hill in Daylesford, overlooking the gorgeous view whilst pretending to take a photo of me. We drove to Daylesford...except it was raining when we got there...and I was unknowingly brewing Gastro. We went to a cafe where I couldn't stomach anything, and I was feeling so sick I demanded we swiftly drive home, during which we briefly fought in the car as Guy was acting (quite rightly) agitated by his foiled attempt and deep in thought for a plan B. We were due to fly to Japan the next morning so Guy proposed on a walk in our local area that evening and I spent all night in the bathroom, before cancelling our flight the next day. Oh, the romance of it all!


Tell us about your wedding dress. How was your experience when you were searching for "the one"?

I initially saw The Sposa Group on the runway at a wedding expo when I was a bridesmaid and had made a personal note that when I was to get engaged I'd take a look at them. The Sposa Group was my first wedding dress place to try on dresses, and we found my dress within the hour. I had such a gorgeous time with The Sposa Group girls, I felt so welcomed and cared for, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't jumping in too quickly so I tried on dresses at another boutique and had an almost comically awful time, along with not finding anything that could beat that dress I was now so firmly envisioning in my head. We marched right back and I have no regrets at all, the dress was more perfect than I could have ever hoped it to be. I felt beautiful and womanly and I'm secretly hoping a future daughter or granddaughter will wear it too.


Describe a favourite highlight or two from your wedding day.

Our main highlight is that we could even have the wedding with the number of people we had during the gap between two lockdowns!

20 guests, ourselves, and our celebrant, we feel so incredibly blessed that we were able to share our day with the people closest to us, especially after such a stressful and changeable lead up to the wedding.

A lot of my fond memories were in the lead up too, as we had such a hands-on wedding. Our pre-COVID dried flower gathering at the Camberwell Market, the hours of excitable planning over the phone, the relationship bonding that's created in the process. My sister-in-law Mia Solomon (@miss_flour_power) is an absolute powerhouse! I've been truly blessed to have a cake maker/stylist/florist as a sister-in-law! She single-handedly made our gorgeous cake, did the venue flowers and decoration, the co-catering and the acting celebrant, as well as turning up to support me at my dress fittings. It was an incredible and bonding experience and her capacity to bring it all together when I had about completely lost it was miraculous!

Another memory that comes to mind is that although my parents offered to hire a car for the wedding, I opted for our car as I envisioned being more comfortable and the added ability of a seat-warmer never goes astray. Mum was tasked with driving myself and my bridesmaids to the wedding, and in the weeks leading up I had mentioned she would need some coaching on how to drive my car, but it never came into fruition. It's now time to pile into the car, and mum immediately doesn't know how to start it. I'm sitting there surrounded by tulle and the car was full of sass and laughter with my bridesmaids and I instructing her how to turn off the handbrake!


Do you have any advice for couples currently planning their wedding?

I think if planning and executing a wedding during Covid-19 has taught me anything, it's that the minute details which you spend hours stressing over that ultimately doesn't make any real difference. For example, I had it in my head I needed to be truly flawless in the lead-up, a full skincare overhaul, facials, hair, nails, the works, and we came to find just about everywhere wasn't open due to the pandemic. I ended up painting my nails (in an accidentally quite tipsy fashion) the night before with all of my bridesmaids whilst watching bridal films and the experience was far greater than the perfection I had thought I had planned out in my head. Remember why you're getting married, it's (hopefully) for the love, not the napkin colour.

Wedding Dress The Sposa Group Melbourne
Photographer Katie Harmsworth Photography
Venue/s Scrub Hill 1869
The Manor House
Venue Flowers/Decoration Myself and Mia Solomon
Bride's Bouquet Wicker and Whitewash
Bridesmaid's Bouquets By Flowers Boulevard
Hair The House of Lane
Makeup The House of Lane
Bridesmaids/MOB Makeup Renee and Co
Cake Mia Solomon
Table hire Elderberry Events
Celebrant/s Paul Bonadio the Stand Up Celebrant
Mia Solomon as acting celebrant

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