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Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses in Australia

Getting married means you’re committing to your partner for the rest of your life, so it’s one of the most important days ever. Thus, you must make sure that the dress you choose encompasses that. The Sposa Group offers various long sleeve designs that might work for you, and this guide describes what you need to know about it.

The Best Day of Your Life Is Coming Soon

When you’re getting married, your dress is one of the most important things you need to take care of. You’re supposed to have an unforgettable day, and what you wear can completely change how you remember the event.

Fortunately, The Sposa Group offers various dresses you can look at. The pieces are beautiful and different from each other, so all brides can find the perfect one for their wedding.

These dresses are grouped in different collections, so you get various styles depending on the collection you’re examining. Take a close look at each one and choose your favourite!
Divina Sposa Collection

The term ‘divina sposa’ means divine wife, which is what you’ll be if you pick one of these beautiful dresses. Here are some models that this collection offers you:


A simple and elegant dress is what you get if you buy the 212-36. It has an A-line skirt and long sleeves with flower-patterned lace.

Getting married means you must examine various dresses, and the 212-36 is many brides’ favourite because it’s immensely simple but still elegant and beautiful. It has a V-neckline that’s covered by transparent fabric, which goes all the way down to your wrists.


With a flowy skirt and lace all over its sleeves, the 212-05 offers a much more sensual silhouette since it flows around your body as you walk.

Additionally, the design covers your breasts and torso but still offers a deep cleavage. Since it has beautiful long sleeves, you can show off your waist and curves if you take advantage of the model’s silhouette.


The last piece that you might want to consider from the Divina Sposa collection is the 202-35, which is much more extravagant than the previously mentioned ones.

This dress has a princess cut with a big skirt, and its long sleeves have flower-patterned lace. However, the lace on the sleeves is much more delicate since all the attention should go to the skirt itself.

Buying the 202-35 means you get a big dress that can certainly catch people’s eyes from the moment you go out during your ceremony. It’s elegant, beautiful, and can make you feel like a princess!

Demetrios Collection

Although the Divina Sposa collection has beautiful pieces, you can also take a look at what the Demetrios collection offers you. Check out some of its long-sleeve wedding dresses:


This first dress has an off-the-shoulder design, which is sensual but still immensely elegant. Furthermore, it features beaded lace, and that adds to its luxurious silhouette.

The 1093 dress has a princess cut, so it’s the ideal model if you want to feel comfortable and elegant while you’re walking down the aisle. Its beaded lace covers your arms, making its long sleeves look luxurious and sophisticated.


If you’re looking for a dress with a breathtaking design, the 1140 might be the one for you. It features outstanding lace that covers most of your arms and torso, but it also has many more characteristics that might make you love the whole design.

The 1140 has a long train, and you can buy the dress and this train separately. Therefore, if you prefer a simpler design, you can purchase the dress only and enjoy its mermaid silhouette.

Additionally, its V-neck sheer illusion neckline is sensual and elegant. Thus, you can have the perfect balance between feeling sexy and graceful.

One of the most beautiful features of this dress is definitely its fabric because the lace can embellish your arms while it goes all the way to your torso and downwards.


When you’re looking for wedding dresses, you might think that the perfect model doesn’t exist. It’s very common, especially among brides that have spent a lot of time checking different options and none of them is the ideal gown for their special day.

However, once you take a good look at the 1018 from the Demetrios collection, your perspective might change completely. It’s one of the most beautiful gowns ever, and it can make you look fantastic at your wedding.

The 1018 is simply magnificent. It features a princess cut, so the skirt is quite big compared to other models.

Furthermore, the lace long sleeves embellish your arms, and their fabric goes to your torso until it reaches your hips. Lastly, it has a cathedral train, which makes the dress look royal.

Buying the 1018 means you’re probably looking for a dress that makes you look elegant, sophisticated, graceful, and royal. This piece is beautiful and can accompany you on your special day – when you look at your pictures in the future, you’ll remember the gown with love!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Wear a Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses in the Summer?

Yes! The long sleeve wedding dresses that The Sposa Group offers you are made with breathable fabric, so you can wear them in the summer as well without worrying about the hot weather.

Are Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses Ideal for All Types of Bodies?

Yes! Long sleeve wedding dresses can fit all types of bodies, and you have numerous options to choose from with The Sposa Group, so you only need to pick the one that works for you.

Are Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses Trendy?

Completely! Although trends change sometimes, long sleeve wedding dresses are a classic, and they’re in style right now. They’re beautiful and elegant, so they often feature a timeless design.

Where Can I Buy a Long Sleeve Wedding Dress?

The Sposa Group offers various long sleeve wedding dresses you might want to look at. All designs are sophisticated and beautiful, and you only need to choose your favourite!