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Wedding Dresses for Sale in Australia

Australia offers numerous designers and stores to buy your wedding dress. However, there’s one specific store that you should look into if you want to buy a beautiful, elegant, and unique piece. This guide offers you what you need to know.

Get Ready for the Best Day of Your Life

Getting married is one of the most important events of your life. If you’re looking for a beautiful wedding dress in Australia, The Sposa Group is your store to buy from.

With incredible designs and fantastic materials, these dresses can change your life forever. Once you see the different options you can get, you can imagine yourself wearing them and picture your future as a married woman.

Some Wedding Dresses for Sale

The Sposa Group has numerous wedding dresses for sale, and they’re grouped in different collections. Thus, you should go through each of them to find the perfect one for you. Here are some examples of what you can find:

Platinum Collection

This collection characterizes by offering you long dresses with eye-catching flower-patterned designs. If you want something that makes a statement but that’s still delicate, one of these dresses might be the perfect one for your wedding.


The Asteria dress is unique and beautiful, and it adapts to your body shape and curves. Its flowers can make you look fantastic on your wedding day, and the V-neck back is both sensual and elegant.

It’s a two-piece dress, and it’s immensely convenient because you can quickly switch from using both pieces on your ceremony to dropping one of them when you go to your reception.

Buying the Asteria dress means you can quickly detach its back and wear the lush beaded lace dress. It redefines modern fashion for brides, so it might be for you!


If you prefer something simpler, the Atarah dress might be the one you’re looking for. This model includes exquisite sparkling tulle embroidery with a design that adapts to the curves of your body and makes you look fantastic.

The beautiful gown features an illusion neckline, which slowly transitions into long sleeves. Dangling beaded strands decorate it as well, and the mermaid cut makes your curves stand out.


Classic models are always many brides’ favourites, and the Calla is definitely a model that strives to show you this.

The Calla has a princess silhouette and it’s inspired by the fashion of the Victorian era. At the same time, its puff sleeves remind you of beautiful, strong women such as Lady Di, which can empower you on your wedding day and remind you that you’re fantastic as well.

To add a touch of modernity, the Calla dress has a deep V-neckline. Even so, its silhouette and details make it an example of a classic dress.


Another classic piece is the Elisia, which is ideal if you want something delicate and feminine. It has a princess silhouette as well, but this one does not feature puff sleeves like the Calla. Instead, it offers beautiful off-the-shoulder frills.

A delicate and feminine dress is what many brides look for, and if that’s you, then the Elisia might be a dress you want to check out.

Demetrios Collection

The pieces that this collection offers you are unique, beautiful, and sensual. They can make you look like a queen on your wedding day, so when you’re dress-hunting, you should evaluate these and see if one of them is the dress of your dreams. Take a look at what the Demetrios collection gives you:


Some brides want to wear a classic dress on their wedding day, but others prefer a more modern model, something that makes them look sexy and beautiful while still looking classy.

If that sounds like you, the 1137 by Demetrios is a wonderful example to check out. It features a seductive droop sleeve that’s suggestive, but that’s not enough for many brides, so the skirt has a sexy slit that lets you show off your legs.

The sweetheart neck and the A-line skirt make this dress have the perfect balance between elegance and sensuality, and that’s something that you can’t find everywhere.


Another beautiful example of a sexy dress is the 1141, which has a sculptured silhouette that adapts to the curves of your body.

Purchasing the 1141 from The Sposa Group means you get a V-neckline that transitions to a low back. Beads highlight your waist and go all the way to your back as well, adding some elegance to the design.

Dylan Parienty Collection

The Dylan Parienty collection is another example of what you can find on The Sposa Group. Here are some beautiful dresses you can consider:


A mermaid-shaped dress is what many brides look for when they’re getting married. This design naturally embellishes your body by making your curves the centre of attention.

Unlike other items, the Ratana dress features 3D organza flowers all over its silhouette. Thus, it’s both elegant and beautiful, and it has a touch of femininity that other dresses might not give you.


The Lamai dress is unique and modern, which is ideal for a bride that wants something different for her wedding day.

This dress features a deep V-neckline and lace silhouette with an A-line skirt. It’s certainly a fun model, and it’s perfect for brides who want to dance a lot in their reception – the design is immensely comfortable while still being elegant and beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Is a Wedding Dress?

It completely depends on the dress you choose. Each dress is unique, and each collection offers you something different, so you have to pick your favourite first.

  • Who Pays for the Wedding Dress?

Traditionally, the bride and her family pay for the wedding dress, while the groom takes care of other aspects of the event. However, nowadays, it depends on what you and your partner agree to.

  • Do Parents Still Pay for Wedding Dresses?

Some parents still pay for wedding expenses. Nonetheless, since modern times arrived, you can talk to your family and your partner and decide who’s going to pay for each thing at your wedding.

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