Frequently asked questions


  • Do I need to book an appointment to try on the wedding dresses?

    As bridal season is all year round, booking in an appointment in advance is preferred as it provides our consultants with an opportunity to prepare for your visit. Booking in an appointment ensures that we can provide you with your own consultant, who will guide you through your own bridal journey, provide recommendations and assist you in finding or creating the dress of your dreams.

    Walk-ins may be accepted on weekdays; however, weekends are our busiest times and therefore an appointment is necessary.

  • How long are the bridal appointments?

    At The Sposa Group, providing each bride with a unique bridal experience is a high priority for us.

    Our consultations are scheduled for 1.5 hours as that provides us with enough time for your consultant to hear the details of your wedding and have a genuine conversation about what you are looking for in a gown, and guide you through a selection of dresses.

  • What does a fitting involve and how much does it cost?

    First Appointments at the Melbourne & Canberra boutique’s will incur a $30 fee for appointments booked from Monday to Saturday (inclusive) in Melbourne and Monday to Sunday at the Canberra boutique.

    If you require a 2nd appointment this is complimentary and therefore free of charge. The initial appointment fee is non-redeemable off any purchase. You will be assigned a consultant, who will act as your personal stylist, and help you navigate our extensive and ever-changing collection of bridal gowns.

    Throughout this journey, your consultant will take the time to understand the details of your wedding as well as learn about your personal style and the atmosphere of the wedding you are creating, so that your gown can reflect yourself and your wedding.

    Your stylist will help dress you and provide professional recommendations. If your vision for your wedding dress is uniquely yours, we will provide you with the information and sketches to customise your gown.

    If you require an appointment beyond your second consultation, each appointment after that will incur a charge of $50, which is redeemable with the purchase of your gown.


  • What should I bring to my appointment?

    Nude or skin-coloured undergarments are best for trying on wedding dresses. If you have any special accessories that you will be wearing on your wedding day, please bring them and show your stylist as accessories play a big part in the overall look of a bride.

    A platform is present for you to stand on during your appointment, so shoes are welcome but not a necessity.

    If you have any resources that you believe may be beneficial in providing our consultants with a clearer vision of your wedding, such as inspiration photos or mood boards. This can include anything from wedding dresses to flowers to bridesmaid colours- it is all useful to help us create an understanding of what you want your wedding to look like and the atmosphere you are creating.

    Any friends or family that are helping you make your final decision! We currently have restrictions on the number of guests that can attend as an entourage, please ask when you make your appointment if you would like to bring more than two guests and we will accommodate this if it is possible.

Wedding Dresses

  • What size gowns are available to try?

    At Tthe Sposa Group we believe that there is nothing more important than a woman learning to love the body she is in, which is why we realise the importance and responsibility we have as a bridal boutique to offer a vast range of bridal gowns in a variety of different sizes.

    At The Sposa Group, we are proud to offer a large range of sizes in boutique, from size 0-24.
    We can also order up to a size 32, and request split sizes if necessary.

  • What is the price range of your wedding dresses?

    Our gowns range from $2,000 up to $10,000. We also have sample sales starting from $650. Payment plans are available.

    Please ask your consultant about what would work best for you.

    Please note that alterations are not included within the price of the gowns.

  • Do the gowns come in different colours than what is stocked in store?

    Yes, a vast majority of our gowns are available in both white and ivory, and most of them also offer a nude, champagne, or blush option. We also have a few special pink, blue, and gold gowns. Ask your consultant should you like a custom colour.

  • Are all gowns on your website stocked in store?

    All the gowns on our website are located at one of our three boutiques. Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra. We are constantly swapping styles between stores so please be sure to enquire which store the gown is at time of booking.

    If you would like to try on a dress which is located at one of the other Sposa stores, we can certainly have the gown transferred for you in time for your appointment. There is a $50 transfer fee to have the gown sent. This is then redeemable on the purchase or order of any gown.

  • What changes and customisations do you offer?

    We offer demi-couture. This means we can offer changes to your gown, including change of colour, neckline, sleeves, adding glitter tulle, size of skirt, and length of train. As our beading and lacework is done by hand, we have control over these elements too.

Ordering Process

  • When should I start looking for my gown?

    9-12 months before the wedding date is the ideal time to start looking for your wedding dress.

    At The Sposa Group we are proud to have a quick turn-around time of 4-6 months, but this is faster than the average. Keeping in mind how many other decisions are dependant on the wedding dress, it is recommended that your wedding dress be one of the first items you attend to.

  • Can I purchase a dress from the rack or do I need to place an order?

    Yes, we offer most of the gowns in the boutique to be purchased ‘’off-the-rack’’. We also have a large selection of Sample Sale gowns that are heavily discounted.

  • Do you hire out your wedding dresses?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer the hiring of our gowns.

  • How long do wedding dresses take to order?

    Our turn-around time is approximately 4-6 months. We have express options available, which will typically have your gown arriving one month earlier than standard delivery time frames.

    Please factor in extra time if you are having a destination wedding or will be going overseas.

  • My wedding is in the next 2 months, do I have enough time to get my dress?

    It depends! We do offer an express service with new gown orders if your wedding is less than three months away. It depends on the style, colour and size. There is an express fee involved when using this service.

    We also have solutions for every bride and offer floor-stock and sample sale gowns at discounted prices. These can be purchased and taken on the day.

    Be sure to discuss your options and time frame with one of our your consultants.

  • I have found my gown, what happens next?

    Congratulations! Once you have found your dream dress your consultant will go over the options for your dress with you and take your measurements. We will go over the size chart with you and select the size that best align with your measurements.

    Our minimum deposit required is 25%, and your gown will start construction once that deposit reaches 60%.

    Your dress will arrive within 4-6 months, and we will contact you to arrange a pick-up appointment.

  • What types of payments do you accept?

    We accept cash, bank transfer, EFTPOS, VISA, MasterCard and AMEX payments. Payments can also be made over the phone.

    Please note debit/credit transactions incur a 1% merchant fee surcharge. There is no fee for EFTPOS transactions.

    Payment plans are available, please ask your consultant about what would work best for you.

  • Do you do rush orders?

    We offer a rush service which will typically have your gown arriving a month earlier than standard delivery time frames. Please discuss your options with your consultant if your wedding is sooner than three months.

    Please note, a rush fee of $399 applies to express orders.


  • Do you offer alterations at your boutique?

    Yes, here at The Sposa Group we are proud to offer in-house alterations with experienced and professional seamstresses that can tailor your gown for a perfect fit. Alterations are available for gowns purchased from our boutiques that have been paid in full. A 50% deposit of the total alterations cost is required before any alteration work commences.

    Please note that alterations are not included within the price of the gowns.

  • When do alterations begin on my wedding dress?

    Alterations commence approximately 4-6 weeks before the wedding date. Should you be having a separate photoshoot before the official wedding date, please factor this in and let our team know when booking your alterations appointment.

  • Are alterations on my gown in addition to the price of my gown?

    Alterations are not included in the price of our gowns. Please let your consultant know during your consultation if alterations costs need to be factored into your budget. Your consultant will be able to explain the alterations process to you should you have any questions.

  • What do I need to bring to my alterations appointment?

    You should wear nude or skin-coloured undergarments, or any specific undergarments or Spanx you are planning to wear on the day. This is necessary as it can affect how that gown sits and you can make sure nothing shows if your gown has cut-outs or sheer panels.

    It is required that you bring either the shoes you will be wearing on your wedding day or shoes of the same height as hems cannot be done without your wedding shoes, and you may be required to have another fitting.

Veils & Accessories

  • When should I choose my veil and headpiece?

    The best time to decide on your accessories is at least 2 months prior to the wedding. If your accessories are ordered with your gown, you will be able to pick up all your pieces together.

    We have accessories in silver, gold, and rose gold available. Your consultant will be able to help you select which colour will be match your dress, ring, and wedding.

    Our lace and beaded veils require at least 3 months for delivery if they are not available in stock. Therefore, it’s usually best to order your veil at the same time as your gown.

    Plain veils (no beading or lace) can be ordered 2 months prior to the wedding.


  • How should I store my gown?

    Proper storage of wedding gowns is very important to ensure that the original appearance of the gown is preserved, and that damage is prevented. It is important to select a storage area that is cool, dark, dry, and free from heat, moisture, and insects.

    The Sposa Group will supply all brides with a breathable garment bag. Please ensure you keep your gown in this bag before and after the wedding for preservation and use the attached hanging loops inside the gown to prevent the stretching of the shoulders.

    We suggest having your gown dry-cleaned prior to storage as watermarks and perspiration can yellow over time. We recommend Syndal’s Bridal Dry Cleaning.

    Some companies offer the professional framing of gowns, to be displayed and appreciated as beautiful works of art.

  • What are your opening hours?


    MONDAY: 10AM –5PM
    TUESDAY: 10AM – 8PM


    MONDAY: 10AM-2:30PM
    TUESDAY: 10AM-2:30PM
    SUNDAY: 10AM – 2:30PM

  • What is the accessibility like?


    Our boutique has split levels with stair access to the main showroom. The main showroom can be accessed from behind the store. Please ensure you contact us in advance so we can make sure we have prepared the entry.


    The boutique has small steps at the front entrance. Please keep this in mind with the use of prams and wheelchairs.

  • Parking and transport options?


    There is on-street parking in front of the boutique, as well as large, public car parks behind the stores. Please be sure to check the parking signage.

    It is a short walk to the nearest train station. The number 16 tram also stops nearby.


    There is on-street parking in front of the boutique, as well as large, public car parks behind the store. Please be sure to check the parking signage.

  • LGBTI+

    At The Sposa Group, we welcome anyone and everyone. We are a proud supporter of the LGBTI+ community in Melbourne. Our goal is to make every person that walks in our boutique feel beautiful and amazing in their own skin!

  • Do you allow photos and videos?

    We don’t allow photos or videos to be taken in our boutique for a number of reasons.

    • Privacy of our staff
    • Our designers ask for no photos or videos to be taken of their designs
    • We want our brides to have all the attention on them

    We would appreciate it if this policy is respected by all guests and brides who enter our boutique.

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